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Want a noob sub

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How to use GitHub badges to stop feeling like a noob have any “real” or “ official” experience or training, we consider our code to be sub-par. Well i want Sub-zero to change what hes like. I want him to become evil him and his brother Noob make an Alliance called 'The Dark Brothers' and they'll have a. Noob factory is making a bucket of money from this watch and are If you want to franken your 6 digit sub (ie add in genuine parts), both the.

What sort of mods does a Noob v7 sub need? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2.

Filtered by: Previous 1 2 template Next. So I caught the rep bug pretty bad. Going to get a Noob v7 from Marvellous and my question is what sort of modifications do most of them require right out of the box?

I was torn between the clone movement but after some research on here it seems a lot of you agree they are not as good as the Asian I can't remember if that is the right one off the top of my head. From what I've gathered the biggest things people want to adjust right away is the rehault and then pushing crystal down Want a noob sub proper height.

Just got my first two a couple weeks back ( & ) now I want to grab another sub. Going to get a Noob v7 from Marvellous and my. I do not have all of the flaws/positives for each, but I just wanted to quickly break down the highlights of each so noobs or new sub buyers know. I want to hear your opinions! According to other forums the Noob Sub No Date V7 Sa is the closest rep to the gen (still needs bezel.

What other little things should I consider doing? Spongebobs platinum plating mod and proffs black hole crystal. Comment Post Cancel.

I have one on right now working beautifully I would highly recommend a gen rolex crystal. The spongebob paint mod is also a necessity, everything else is microscopic detailing.

Mbm Iso Nsa Fun

I can't emphasize a gen crystal enough. Visually the version is by far better than the ugly case.

Gen crystal and Gen DW are a must,and if you dont want z go the gen way on the insert then the spongebob is the best atm. As far as reliability,personally never had problems with the sa Get the watch with the and enjoy it right out of Want a noob sub box - before walking into that rewarding money pit. Originally posted by Daywatch, post: Originally posted by f2.

Where would be the best place to get ahold of a gen crystal that is Want a noob sub original packaging, and in the conus who would be the best to do the work? There's a guy on the rolex forums, I'll pm you his name.

Just make an account and send him a message. As far as the guy to do the work, reach out to Rick aka HowHotMods. I've worked with 4 modders and, in my opinion he is the absolute most professional to work with.

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Very impressive person. You will be in good hands.

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He also water resisted mine to 6ATM, that's the highest he could test. I'm sure it'll pass higher. Originally posted by ts0ts0s, post: RWI Main theme.

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