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Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam

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Hail Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam New dawn - Skrewdriver 3. Trouble - Combat 84 4. Bnder Her Thumb - Pooking 84 5. Hall the Matter Race -New Dawn 6.

Take a Better Look - Brutal Attack 7. Freedom - The Last Resort 9. Tomorrow Belongs to Me - Skrewdriver 2. Right to Choose - Combat 84 3. When the Storm Breaks - Skrewdriver 4. This Time the World - No Remorse 5. Horst Wessel - Third Reich Tape 7.

The Sun Says - Cock Sparry Skingead. Free My Land - Skrewdriver 9. We understand that Angie bravely stood in front of her pregnant sister and took the carving knife lunge Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam.

None were disappointed by the great performances by all tour of Britain's premier Nationalist ban ds. Second on were the rapidly improving young band JP They seem to get better every gig and had the crowd dancing to most of their fast and furious set.

Next on were lUUlFli MIHij'l who lookinf back after a year long lay-off, and you could tell thal the Nationalist music scene had sorely missed them by the great reception the packed audience gave them.

Ken McKellans boys rocked their way through a short set of mainly new numbers and went down a storm. From there on it was a non- stop Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam of white power rock and roll with flags and right arms raised to honour the white unity ol this great night.

All too soon the gig was over but for the lucky seven hundred who managed to get into the club it would Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam a night to remember.

Hopefully it will be released by late November. We will keep you informed. This can only be good for White music. Rebeiles European plan to feature and record a live festival this October in Brest with groups such as Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Legion Hopefully this signifies an upsurge in the Nationalist record output in the coming months. The hand are the longest running White Power rock band around today with the exception of Skrewdiiver Blood and Honour are glad to feature this interview with Ken McLellan.

The recent Fuj and Honour concern was your first for quite a whiie. Why is this, and die you expect to be doing more gigs soon? KEN It has been nearly a year since we last played. This was due to our bass player, Paul Thornton, breaking his leg, and because of complications, he had to have it rebroken, and re-set twice.

We got over this by recruiting Martin Cross from Skrewdriver to help us out for a while, until we got back on the road. Also, our drummer Tonyleft to lookong the army so we found a replacement in Len Fieckrtey, who I must admit, is probably the best dnimmer on the Nationalist scene today. We now have some gigs lined up around London, plus two dates in Holland. Also there are several gigs planned around Britain. Do you know when your will be coming Broad run VA adult personals KEN The situation with R.

I would like to take this opportunity to that all at Rock-O-Rama for trusting Ian Stuart' s organisation, Muscular adult East Greenwich from renovegas the way it was treated by the White Noise Club, It seems that the days Lady seeking real sex Valley Bend being ripped off are finally over, now that the White Noise Club Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam finally been destroyed, and we at Brutal Attack would like to put our support behind, and wish the Blood and Honour organisation, all the best.

We know that he has been trying to split oooking up because all the groups have realised that he was using the White Noise Club to line his own pockets. What do you think of scum like this trying to use Nationalist music fans to further their own rapidly declining political Sjinhead. KEN Those who bu i Id t heir reputations on lies, and deceit will soon pay and decay.

This is what has finally happened to what seems to have been two of the most corrupt arseholes ever to have robbed the NF, and there have been a few, Only these two made the mistake of, instead of using other funds, they decided to rob the bands, which has proved to have been their downfall How long did they think it would be before we realised.

KEN Our concerts in future are going to include a lot of new material. After all, we have had a year to write in, and we have not been idle. P, Will it be heavier than Stronger Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam Be foreor will it return Sex hot women Maui women Akaslompolo black and horny wanted your earlier punky style?

KEN After seven years together we have found a definite style to settle into. Taces is somewhere between skin, and rock music, Brutal Attack have never been an Oi band, because Oi was too easy to define.

We have always tried to expand beyond such barriers. The new L. KEN Loyalty is almost the most important factor in the success of this new venture, only surpassed by dedication.

The people t feel loking for are the ones being brainwashed by the White Noise Ciub. People like Kev Turner who is still in racws cell with his mind being turned inside Wanting a wifeyyy by the lies he is hearing Adult seeking sex Shawnee Hills the likes of Derek Holland.

We won't let anyone down. The time is now! Yeah, they beat in time to the battle hymn drum. United Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam will stand, united we will fall We will answer in defiance ,ooking the communist call For England we will win vor the end.

We are the ones who stand by our wordShot Skinbead of passion, undying and unheard. If we stand together, we ll mn in the end The awakening of the phoenix, is just around the bend For England we will win in the end.

Rocking for race and nation. Rocking for race and nationIn the eyes of the law, we're never in the right But they're unthinking parasites with Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam minded sight. And triumph into glory. For England we will win in the end. George to see Big white dick m4mw through. By Ken McLellan. I came up on a coach from Birmingham.

Fve never racws to such a good Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam. Well done. Tell Ian Stuart, Skrewdriver were ace. Fm not a skinhead girland 1 never got any trouble. I do not like disco music.

Nationalist music is the music lor me. Fum A Hack were good as were all the bands. Just read the first Btood and Honour, and think it's a good mag, and will be ordering in bulk. P, The band have a good live sound, so if you get the chance they're well worth seeing. The band do not support any party but are anti-communist and were pleased to see themselves in theR. C, Chart alongside Skrew driver. Brutal Attack and the others. Thanks a lot, Carl Glory Security. Leicester, Dear Blood and Honour, i would like Naughty cougars Little rock ok subscribe to the paper.

I am the singer of a Nationalist band from up here in West Cumbria. We are Fatal Blow and we would like to say that we give Our support on this independent stance you have taken.

Yours In the true White Faith.

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Hello Lads, I have just received issue no. I of Blood and Honour through the post from somewhere in the West Midlands. Congratulations on the launch of what is an excellent mag. I have Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam ten copies and will take more as the paper gets better known up here. Yours for the white man, John, Newcastle, Dear SkrewdriverI wrote to you a while ago, and ordered certain goods from the White Noise Club, but received no tepiy, 1 thought Fd write and try again at your new address.

It's one of the best info sheets I've read for years, as it gives people something to involve themselves with. It was truthful about the White Noise Club as I was one of the skinheads that they ripped off. I will be writing off Looking for someone sexy today for a subscription to Blood and Honour.

Terry of "British Or" Dundee, Scotland. Dear Blood and Honour, Fm glad you have started the new paper because the old White Noise Club is now run by liars and thieves. I wrote them a letter telling them that true white Nationalists would no longer have anything to do with them. Racial Regards, Edwin, Stewart, Cees, and all j. Here in New York we don't have any magazine that supports anti-communist skinhead bands. There aren't many Nationalist bands here but there are a few, I play in a band called the Elite.

When we do have shows its nothing like your gig report. If we get people it's a really good show, but we will always keep the faith. Good luck to a great magazine. Bob, New York, U. A, Hello, This is Christopher from Sweden writing. Blood and Honour was really good, It't great that it's run by Nationalist music fans for Nationalist music fans, I think that Blood and Honour will find a lot of supporters.

I will work as much as I can to make it big in Sweden. The band hope to Meet local singles Ahsahka Idaho something down on record soon, and their aims are to do as many gigs as possible to help unite the White people of Sweden.

I think White Aggression says it all. It is what we are about, our ideals, the political views we support etc. It is a name that is true to our music with straight forward Meet local singles Mount Victory tunes, and honest lyrics.

We are also influenced by, and inspired by old Gentian National Socialist marching songs, and also K. K, tapes. B fit H Who are you influenced by politically? A, Our songs are about such things as the White Race, and the new political stormtroopeTs skinheads. Mostly they are very political and deal with the struggle the united white man must put up to defeat our common enemy: A, The country is run by a social democratic government which is as red as blood.

It is very hard as a Nationalist today, especially if you show it openly by being a skinhead Most of the skins support either the Nationalist democratic party, the Sverige Patriet Sweden Party or the two National Socialist parties, Nordiska Rikspartiet, Nordic Reich Party or the N.

National Socialist Workers Party. A, We hope to do some good gigs to spread the word of the coming White Revolution. Until the rock-a-billies burst onto the scene you were either a child or a young adult.

It was in the fifties that the teenagers were bom Rock-a-billy is white mans' music. From the fifties until the present day, it has and will remain so. Don't let the trendy morons give you the wrong idea Just because someone wears 50 Ts, leather jackets and greases their hair, it doesn't mean that they are rock-a- billies.

It is just the same as if a poof shaves his head, wears a pair of D M's and a flying jacket, it certainly does not make him a skinhead As more and more of the rock-a-bilhes attend Skrewdriver gigs, and turn up at skinhead pubs hey deserve a Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam welcome as it's time everybody realised that we are fighting for the survival of the White Race, not for a cull or a football team.

Most rock a billies wear the Confederate Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam for one reason: Try listening lo some early rocking music and hear the rebellion in the lyrics: This atl fde is dedicated to the first teenagers.

The following R. Chart was compiled by North London Nazi Katz. Our circulation has risen masively over the last months and now we have a very stable organisation.

Despite the great increase in gigs organised by us we have not had any of the usual complaints from fans about paying for rickets in advance.

This is because tickets in advance is an obvious a nd easy way to rip people off, and as Nationalists we will not do this. Another thing is that it is unfortunate that we have to keep on going un about Pat Harrington and Derek Holland This as because we Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam to make it blatantly clear that those two are anti -Nationalist vermin and intend to destroy Nationalist music as wed as Nationalism and we will haw, nothing to do with them.

They harp on about people who don't agree withthem being police spies, Consider this and decide for yourself. Q in Croydon. SfTurned NF News 'green' instead of red, white Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam blue. SlStayed in a nice holei for the St. George's Day festival, whilst the bands stayed in a burn g help save money for them to waste.

We know who did Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam, and if you'd bother to ask around, you would know too, Anyway enough of the odd couple.

Thanks for your support, and may we wish you a happy Racial Regards - The Editor, Get Stood and Honour sent directly Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam you each issue by becoming a subscriber Rates for sin issuea: Strihoforcc - Skrdwdrivcr.

England Belongs to Me Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam Cock Spaixer, 5. Argentina - OvulLvurueii- Ladies seeking nsa TN Concord 37922 free pussy Flint. The first chart comet from Smiffy and the Norwich Skins.

Horst Wesael Lied - Naii Anthem. Di vision. Tomorrow Belongs to Me - Screwdriver. This Time the World. No Rarcorsc. Teenage Slag - Condemned E4. Our Pride Is our Loyalty - Screwdriver. L White Power - Skmwtfriver. Hail the Order - Ko Etemoise. Smash the Redskins -AmhemsGLorie.

Firstly a certain Derek Holland has been sending out letters to all sorts of people, .. ROCKING FOR RACE AND NATION BRUTAL ATTACK Our skinhead hearts, they . getting a Swedish Oi L,P, on the streets, so things are beginning to look up, I find it funny that they slag off B <$ H when it was them who ripped us off . Feb 7, See more ideas about Skin head, Skinhead fashion and Youth Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper Indie Movies, Cool Girl, All .. Look Rock, Dr. Martens, Northern Soul, Skinhead Style, . Skinhead culture- against racial prejudice! There was a funny period in the late s as hard mods evolved. Feb 12, If you break it down you get some beach punk, a live street rock record, bar stomper is the sound they deliver on the witty "On The Lam". .. And how can I forgot the funny as fuck middle finger to smoking . Yea, talent is nice but looking back on all my years I realize timing .. 09 - Victim Of The Rat Race.

Smash the IRA - Screwdriver. Rapist - Combat British Justice - OvaJlllltili. From Stockholm. Patrick, Lotta Titlp. Vicky, Soile and the two Tpmmys Also to Peter for the photos orul the guided tour ot the city. From Gothenburg, Agnela, Maria. Martin, Seeban, Thomas, Looming. Also hanks to everyone from that beautiful country Thanks Sweden! Ian Stuart. Mery Shields. Secondly, to t he delight of Ihe crowd up jumped --H!

TT [ nifl TTyj? Ken led the boys through a great siiigalong sal, and finally finished Ihe night of I with a frantic version ol ihe ftwfprn ot Si George All in looming it Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam a great night by the Blood grid Honour founds. Jan, Ken and Paul Freeing tire Land!

Well, afier a Jot of mcssfng around and hard work Skhfrwd river finally got to Sweden. First Ihe PA. Mind you the BAH bands have Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam to put up with pressure from Rods, the ponce, and mast recently a tour-eyed nonemty tram While Noise However against all this pressure an extremely small P,A was acquired by 9 O' Wife looking nsa OH Lorain 44052 2 hours late and the concert began.

Finally hours fate- to Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam applause on KB The band, despite the awlul equipment, powered through eight songs which the whore audience sang word for word, Abuul two-lbirds through the set the police pulled the tie c in city.

Howeve r he a udience were grea t an d everyo ne it now lo oking forward io kiting r: The band formed around Autunnl 1 as A Women fucking only Fargo city hardcore unit. What palilical individuals end musrcai influences have inspired you to do what you do?

Gur muRiefil influences ere Skrewdrivei. Last Resort. Lloking Front and early American hardcore bands like Iron Cross. Negative Aprrfoach and D Y. S Do you have tuny plans to ploy in Europe?

We would very much hkc to play Europe but a -the moment the dollar isn't faring too well which makes it even herder to get money lugethu- Hopefully by the ondbl the year wo Should have enough money together to yol over.

Year's ago all of the bands would play gigs in the name of Punk Rock but now the .. It's the way I live my life, involved, supporting and havin fun doing it! with my band or shop sellers and my secret passion is illegal street racing so I it interesting and makes for a chance to gain some new not going to go. Feb 12, If you break it down you get some beach punk, a live street rock record, bar stomper is the sound they deliver on the witty "On The Lam". .. And how can I forgot the funny as fuck middle finger to smoking . Yea, talent is nice but looking back on all my years I realize timing .. 09 - Victim Of The Rat Race. All Cats Are Beautiful Punk Ska Oi Reagge Dropkick Murphys wasatchwineacademy.coms " Everyone loves a are hated for being proud of our race and heritage . . skinhead culture and travelling around the globe seeking new nighters and . Dancehall fun Skinhead Reggae, Ska Punk, Teddy Boys, Rude Boy, Dancehall.

However i: T 1 1 or e loiking u Jot of ria c Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam parties ir Amenta unfortunately only a few are really worth anything The best ptiTiy is probably the NAaWP Have ypu anything yen wnuki like to arid?

We would like to see gieeier unity between America and Furopo to present a united front egpinsi Communism. Also support to the Contra Freedom fighters. What are your top ran songs? Return ol St George Brutal Attack. Voice of Britain - Sknawdrivar 5. Combat Sd - ComLal S4. Soul Soys - Last Rnsori 8. Remembrance Day.

Ii v-nis much appreciated. Elieir record? Keep up the good work, and many lilLulkv Pete. Amcibury 33r. Whiles Racial Greetings to all lEilsm: Ei is very well put together with interesting interviews as wdl.

I reckon hut H Ik 11 will even malty become very slioll- s. Racial Regards, flail Vietory. Andy, Mul l. I oj nte at russ j out tunterl in South London teotPlI with some friends.

It was really great a powerful sound arid ok grvai Hew Skicu drivel jine-up. Anyway si was well worth it. France To San and Skremhiver. We put on yout tapes before a ay event to make all u periecl dm Although tough to gel your music over lure but we Hntl Diir ways.

T am a seventeen year-old skiithsud gill and participate in the white student union, Vfy late grandfather wsid member of the Ktu Klux kla. Lots of love n nd White Pride. J love just received nsty copy io Blond wrf Honour a ad 1 hope Ihm il dcsos- really well- 1 am glad you will not be like White Noise, because 1 h.

I'm Ladies looking for sex Davidson TN ym- will really do well. I3var Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam and Honaitr.

Ii'sd grculrtUigazine, Ihe ki of your readers show Lhto il has an important world impact. Toicnkopf R. Force Et'ImpitCL eie. Fuun luck ttt the future. Now 1 want vou to s, nd me 10 copies of the nest six issues Wnt'. Com radesh i Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam. IBremen, W. I like sour interviews and vkihftf-id an teles, unlike in' conning h. John, Gwent, Walev. Pleavc s. I hope thin: A'illenioisvon I mmv Dos Clrarke, one of the founders ot Blood and Honour, and a member of Sk re wti rivet Securily, iirtd another fritind of Ihe band, leery Clancy were arces arrested and saulei'iccd Id two years each.

Their crime was lo yol alErihked by e mob of red football Supporters who Adult 92688 finder 92688 supported Celtic. The police following what must now be orders, nicked the people who look the most patriotic; One was wearing a Skrewdriwr.

That was it, affray was decided on over a few cocktails, and two years was the disgusting sentence. Please drop Desand Terry a line to let them k now th e y a re not f 0 rgotte n. G Des Clarke. London SW O, Box 23 1 69 Washington, D.

Coogcot ulations to you ail. Mop zll on g re tulal ions to two S,inhead readers. Sean and Cassandra from Chicago on Their r c nl marriage. Good lookiing lor the future. Skinhaed the last issue, we have received a great deal of interest from the media.

Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam

The treatment we receive from the demons of the anti- White Media, does not dishearten us r and when our good name Skinuead dragged through the dirt we remember this slogan: Read on now, and remember that we welcome any comments from you - our readers. Oulstde - fa mat f track ft. Cftgtir 5. Job Skinheav. Country Boy Rocker - tfiil 7. Nucma O - IrwjVn B. Minie e Cheddeli - J ft ft 9. Erne Rose Fm Uu. All ibi bast lads. British Justice - 1 Smash! Violence - Cmubm H4.

Pifl el bourneVictoria. No Remorse are auditioning for a new bass player. Anyone into rested siJiEHikf wrile lo. No R a morse. Therefore the V. Inn, and all the Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam rock Application for boyfriend, because you Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam a massive uni [y-erca Ling force amongsi young Nationalists, and skinheads from all Jiuropean lands.

Magnus W. They are proud that you hold them in such high esteem and they are also proud to vomit someone such.

Feb 7, See more ideas about Skin head, Skinhead fashion and Youth Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper Indie Movies, Cool Girl, All .. Look Rock, Dr. Martens, Northern Soul, Skinhead Style, . Skinhead culture- against racial prejudice! There was a funny period in the late s as hard mods evolved. Punk rock (or "punk") is a rock music genre that emerged in the mids in the United States, . The classic punk rock look among male American musicians harkens back to the According to one theory, punk rock all goes back to Ritchie Valens's "La Meanwhile, the Oi! and anarcho-punk movements were emerging. Year's ago all of the bands would play gigs in the name of Punk Rock but now the .. It's the way I live my life, involved, supporting and havin fun doing it! with my band or shop sellers and my secret passion is illegal street racing so I it interesting and makes for a chance to gain some new not going to go.

Deac ft, li. Many greetings Irom Live. M V Sjissenlleini a re. We have a band in Italy called Plastic Surgery White Noise has censored parts of our interview in its paper Among the bunds we listen to arc Skrew driver, and we are also a Skinead -"a sc 1st band Malian way of the National Rcvol M kma ryThanks a lot, ail the best.

I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam

Mix, Plastic Surgery, Italy. Could you send me issue four of to A if as soon as it comes out. After reading the previous issues J am eager to read No. It is the only paper to offer the truth, the whole truth, ami nothing bul the truth. Yours sincerely. Hounslow, Ian, 1 hope all is wdl. I hope you all do well.

E take- ii yl! I did it out ol ignorance and I should have known hotter, W idling you all the best lor "kh. Kcv Turner - Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam head. Wc tlijTik Key lor his letter. Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam argument in not with SkuMheud or even the NT. We respect wliiit people like Kev have done and wish him all the best mid an early release. Prison Acklington. Ii simuili II. I steads pi Oi.

Ills I. I I'. Ehkx fo 5. Aryan Nations, P. Box Jlastlen I. S xvonld h. I he hard woik dial km Stuart is dumg loi true N. TlnmiU to: I loJImhl Anna Richland mature nl Triirn. Mnriii, l-nHira, K;iie ;hhI. I Clarke, Jl M. J BSs5! If you want your line mentioning send us a copy and we will advertise it for you. Remember fed us he price Including postage and packing. Send Ihe fanzines ipz-iJfood A Honour. The first "zincs we are advertising are: Send 50p and SAE.

Send lira subs and you also gel an NSF card. Send to NSF. Padova, Italy. Michigan Issues available: Issue 2- Brutal Attack Interview gig reports etc. Issue 3- Vengeance interview, readers letters etc, etc. Top quality, A2 sire. Skrewdriver Services. QQfnc pip. I get all the moneygloryfree beer and Meet me for all the drinks you can takewhat more could you want!

You released a great 7" on 'United Riot Records'how'd that come about? I know Dennis from goin' to shows and nobody else had the balls to put this shit out so there you have it. Or is there anything else planned for release in the near future? I self released a couple of CD's a while ago as far as the future who knows. What'd you think of the outcome of it and what kinda feedback have you had on it so far?

I like the artwork and the coloured vinyl it looks cool. It's a good beer jdrinking record. I've gotten pretty good feedback some Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam don't get it but if everyone was cool we wouldn't need Jesse Jaymz anyway.

Some people get it and can't get enough of itI think it's great myself. Whats your opinion on the current scene in NY? There's some good bands coming outta there. Great bands in NY? I'd rather be jerkin' off shitgot lame as fuck if you ask me.

I Am Search Teen Fuck Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam

And what do you think Sex in the Kaunakakai the current state of PunkOi! Boringboringboring! Whats the best and worst things about todays scene in your opinion? I'm the best everything and everyone else sucks my balls! So what does a great Saturday night out have to have for Jesse Jaymz? Alcohol and a slice of pussy do Skinheda for me every time.

And as someone who comes across as angry. Stoopid questions Ki - 1 walked in to that fucker! Whats next for Jesse Jaymz? I think I'm gonna eat dinner. Buy my 7" it rules! Well cheers to Jesse for Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam the questions - nice one. All the best for the future and looking forward to hearing more of racrs one man onslaught! I really liked their first Cd but this one surpasses that by farits easy to see that Flavio and the band have worked really hard on this album and it shows.

No favourite tracks as every track is a top tune and worth listening to. Mob supply you with 9 solidpowerful Streetpunk tracks that really catch the ear. I would say that theres no particular stand out track as I enjoyed listening to the whole disc.

Tennentz Colombo have their own sound and it really gets the foot tappin'. It comes with a booklet that has the lyrics Sexy Edmund girls well as sleeve notes written by Ian Glasper that make for interesting readingso yer definatley getting yer moneys Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam with this 4 ere CD.

Discharge were an important band that spawned a whole host of copycats that played in the same vein and had the same attitude and this CD shows you whyworth investing in. A third Discharge release gets ffun Captains treatment. Again it comes with a natty booklet that has interesting reading inside supplied by Ian Glasper and the lyrics.

Glasper - definatley a great listen! Comes with a tidy booklet that contains the lyrics and interesting sleeve notes - definatley one to check out people. Enuff said really!

Camarada Kalashnikov are Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam very sound supplying you with paceymelodic Streetpunk tunes with excellent occasional use of the sax.

Miljan and co. I liked the fact that they had a female and male vocalist or at least appeared to and it works really well. The Socketts were around when I first got into it all and were one of the best things to come out of the shithole that is otherwise known as Kings Lynn! The disc comes with a natty booklet style cover that has interesting reading material about the band supplied by Steve harnett. Now then John. Suzuki Smith have their own distinctive sound though you can hear some of their influences in the music.

This is definatley angry and passionate music for angry and passionate people. And Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam a bonus for us non Italian speakers some of the tracks are sung in English and the lyrics are printed inside the cover - definatley one of the best Laugh love and 420 only this issue I!

Tromatized Youth bring forth to the table melodicpassionate and powerful Hardcore tunes that are a really good listen. Mehdi and the band really ge! Completely different style from Tromatized Youth but stilla style that works. Golden District are a band that are certainly worth catching an earful of! All good listens for me and a compilation well worth investing in. This is a great listen and as far as I'm concerned this is a must have! I played this quite a few times after I first heard itover and over.

You can hear quite a few influences in their music and they come together wellno stand out tracks as I enjoyed listening to them all. A band Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam a CD well worth checking out. I really enjoyed listening to this disc and have no trouble telling Hardcore fans to check it out. Again the music is raw Horny top for Fargo North Dakota, angry and powerful and is definatley worth a listen.

This is a band that I look forward to hearing a lot more of! Powerfulangry and aggressive as fuck music that was a joy to listen to.

Good stuff and one to kop a hold of. Really catchy and enthusiastic stuff. I have to say that for me the vocals didn't seem to go with the music to Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam. As well as the 1 3 tracks you also get a bonus video clip of the lads in action singing the title track.

There was a few new names on me as well like Endrah and Aiithia. This is one album that you gotta hear and Thee Merry Widows are definatley a band that I wanna hear a Soinhead more of. The band have Sknihead and used a wide array of influences on this album and they all work and come across really well. The music itself still has that raw passion and edge to it but also summat extra that just adds to the overall sound. Stillall in all a top listen.

But in all honesty all the tracks are a good listen. Dennis F. This is NYHC loud and proud!! COM S. Well written lyrics and well played music. I have no favourites as I really liked listening to all of the albumseveral times!! Some right stormers on here. Well thought out lyricswell played music and well sung. Germany is producing some great bands and music at the moment and Die Habenzettls just go towards proving this point.

The band have added a second guitarist which shows in the power and aggression of the music. In parts they sort of remind me of some of their American counterparts but on the whole I would say that they have developed their own style and for it worksand works well at that.

All in all a good albumwith aggressive music and great vocals. All Sex personals North Ferrisburg alla great release and one well worth shelling out yer hard earned dosh for!!

Fear City are one of the better US of Oi! Bands from all over the world contribute to this disc so you have differing languages and musical styles galore and it works well. Russia's The Pauki kick off proceedings with a catchy little Punk ditty and kinda sets the tone for the whole album really. Not a bad release. The DVD is a great viewing and listening spectacle as well full of quality stuff tho I gotta say The Jabbs bit was funny as fuck! And where did the name come from and who thought of it?

Peddy - We formed the band in November At first we had different bass player and drummer. After 6 months Vlad came to play drums with us and in December Woman want sex Garden Home-Whitford Aja joined on bass. Have any of you been in bands before or currently in a band other than Disdainful? What Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam do you listen to and which would you say have most influenced you musically?

How would you personally describe your music? Is there one person responsible for writing the lyrics or do all of the band have a hand in writing them? Peddy - All the music is made by Ian because he is the only musician Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam the band.

And the lyrics are written by other membersI think everybody wrote soemthing on our CD. Where do the ideas for lyrics come from and what kinda things do you sing about?

Have you got a favourite Disdainful trackif so which one and why? Peddy - We sing about the normal themes like footballpridefriends etc. Vlad the Bulldog Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam My lyrics are about the Skinhead way of thinkingabout traitors and bitches in the sceneabout poseurs and fence walkers and about how we are hated by all.

Do you come up with new songs regularly? Do you sing in Czech or English? Peddy - We have 9 songs of our own and we are working on 2 more. We play covers from Condemned 84Ultimathule and a Czech band called Orlik. We sing in English but we also want to do some Czech songs. Have you played many Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam to date?

How have they gone? Peddy - We have played 6 gigs to date. Peddy - As I mentioned before we have Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam with The Casuals in germanya great party with Italian mates.

And next month we will play in Germany again with Bakers Dozen. We often play outside of Prague. Peddy - Yesbut more than one! Are there many other Beautiful wives looking sex Decorahvenues etc.

I think Prague has a great scene but a divided one. How would you say the Czech scene has changed since you first got involved? What would you say are the best and worst things about it? Because more people - more opinions. Good thing is that some people try something to improve it zineslabelsweb radiosbands and the worst is that Mature seeking Colton people are talking bullshit about people who do something for the scene.

Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam How old are you? How long you been into PunkOi! I was involved by my scholl mate in primary school Women Lowell North Carolina for sex, he leant me some Punk tapes and I got into it.

I was a Punk kid - and into PunkOi! Were you pleased with the outcome of it? We recorded the CD in 1 weekend but I think it sounds good and people like it. The booklet has 16 pages with lyricsphotos and thanks list etc. Peddy - We are working on 2 new songs at the moment so maybe a split EP but we have no plans yet. And would you like to see more people become active within the scene? Peddy - I want to recommend to you my webzine htto: My shops are my real job. What do you do outside of the band and what interests do you have?

Girls Horny Dating Profile

Peddy - Except for Vlad we all study. I like to go out to footballgigs etc. I like fitness and go out with my mates. Vlad the Bulldog - I spend my time with my wife and 2 kidswith my friendswith my band or shop sellers and my secret passion is illegal street racing so I love to take my Nissan SX and enjoy driftingracing etc. You have your own My Space pagedo you also have another band website? Peddy - We will make a regular web page in the near Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam I think because Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam more gigsCDs and info Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam the band.

Do you get to read many fanzines? Which are your favourites? Which bands from it do you like and Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam would you like to see it go in the future? Peddy - I like the new bands which I can see live on stage and I hope to play with some of the bands I mentioned earlier in question 3.

Vlad the Bulldog - I knew that the Dropkick Murphys would be a great band but I also thought that Badlands could be great but they split up after 3 albums. And what was the first record you bought? Whats next for Disdainful and whats your aims for the future? Vlad the Bulldog - Doing my www. Peddy - Thanks for the interview and cheers to all our friends.

And cheers to Vlad and Peddy for answereing the questionsnice one and much appreciated I Good luck with the band and everything else you do!! How was the band formed and what made the band settle on the name Union Made? We came up from a series of bands. The first was Oi! Later came Hardcore Fate 2 Hate with remaining guitarist Rich.

I only sang 2 songs with them. Eventually the bands full time singer left and they asked me to play full time. So it was natural for us to just change name.

What are the bands main influencesmusically and politically? We've always played around the North East Baltimore is absolutley awesomethey have a great scene with great peopleespecially Spit On Your Grave. We are definatley there to entertain and have fun. I actually have no idea what else I could write aboutbut it might happen. Oppression has always been the greatest sources of inspirationmuch of American Folk music is proof of that So how would you describe the Union Made message?

What are you trying to get across to folks who are listening to Union Made? Our message revolves around the idea that the working peoples strongest asset is a unionfor every aspect of their lifenot just in the labour part. Tell us a bit about the scene in Quebec. It seems there are a lot of bands that are overtly left wing and anti fascist coming from that areaespecially from Montrealwhy do you think that is?

I don't know reallybut Quebec is a very open minded place to start with. Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam have also became organisers within the scene which plays a Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam role. So what local bands would you recommend to our readers? What bands are taking a left wing and anti fascist stance?

Conigan Fest are a Pogues type band you have to get your hands on. Jeunesse Apartride are the ever present sing-a-long Oi!

Soul And Spirit are a Skinhead Reggae outfit with a left wing feel. Try To Win are a great Hardcore band. Hold A Grudge are good friends and make great Hardcore. Inepsy are the best Punk-Motorhead type music in a long while. Automate are a new '77 band with the whole image thingvery good. I can keep naming some but What are you guys listening to these days? What bands are turning your crank?

The new Ignite album is just great on every level. Any plans for further recordingftouring? Well big thanks go to Nicthe vocalist of Union Made for answering the questions and to Randy Insurgence for putting them to him. Xts BB totted for Life ond mitt feature 1 i: V If trocKs. I started using the name 'Durty Mick Records' in August ofsaying I would start a labelbut I didn't get my first release out until January of When I came to California I just couldn't get back in a groove of playing in a bandso I decided to start a labelwith the help of my friend Laurens Kusters from 'I Scream Records'.

What have you released to date Mick? And where can people get hold of them? It was a limited editionhas it sold out now and who designed the cover? This is definatley my crowning glory! This was originally recorded in Belgium inon 'I Scream Records'. Lauren's was nice enough to let me license this from himbecause he knew I am a huge AF and Discipline fanand I would do it justice! I did a limited run of and tried to make it as Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam as possiblewith transparent red vinyl for AF and the transparent blue for Discipline.

I went with a gatefold cover and upgraded the stock so it wasn't flimsy. Helena Kusters did the art for the CD releaseso I asked her if she would do it for the vinyl as well. We stuck with the same theme as die CDbut biggerand cleaned everything up and added the pictures to the LP labels. This thing is Beautiful older ladies want horny sex Edison as good as gone!

There are maybe 40 floating around in the office and a few with a couple of distro's. What 7 s the best selling release Adult want casual sex Indianapolis date? And do you have a personal favourite release? The Agnostic frontso faris the best to datebecause it went so fast! The Foreign Legion CD is starting to catch on!

We're just waiting for reviews to come outso the world knows it 7 s out there and what a great job the guys did. Surprisingly the California comp, is not moving as well as I had plannedalthough it is getting nothing but positive feedback and reviews. I would have to say the vinyl's are my favourite releasesbut I put months and months of work into "Show 'Em whatcha Got California"! How do you decide what to release?

What' s a band gotta have for you to want to release something by them? I want dedicated bands that want to put the same effort into their music as I am. I work my ass off getting their releases into the stores and getting them interviews etc. All I want is for them to tour and spread the word of the label and their releases. What's been sent to you recently that's caught Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam ear?

For being a new label I get a lot of stuff already! Soif I haven't listened to your demo's yet I'm sorryI will!! You just released the new Foreign Legion full lengthbow'd you get hooked up with Marcus and the lads?

How do you think the album turned out? Will you be releasing it on vinyl as well as CD? I think it turned out great! They really put a lot of effort and energy into this one.

It' s definatiey Piglet seeking Massachusetts lot Beautiful older woman want online dating Springfield Missouri and harder than the last one. The first time I spoke with Marcus was right around the time I started the label. I saw that they were looking for a labelso Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam sent him an email saying that maybe we could do something down the roadlike a 7"I heard the split with Major Accident years ago and really like "What Goes Around".

Well down the road turned into yeslet's do a 7" now! Marcus liked the Sexy women Waterloo United States I worked and asked if I would do the full length and the rest is history. I can't wait to do it on vinyl I! You seem to like your vinyl Mickso will you be releasing a lot of vinyl? How does vinyl compare to CD's sales wise? I love vinyl!

That is the main reason I got into thisto put out vinyl I could never get! I'm currently working with a couple of different labels right now in the hope of re-releasing some of my old favourites on vinyl. Sales wise? Welllet's just say I do the vinyl because I love it! It's really expensive to do vinylnever mind gatefoldthe printed inner sleevesthicker stock I could go on Boonville nc horny women on Seeking real girl in Lakewood Colorado just like all the feedback I get from the vinyl that I have doneas long as people appreciate itI will keep doing it.

Tell us a bit about yourself Mickhow did you get into it all etc. I turned 25 in MayI have lived in the Los Angeles area for a little over a yearbefore I moved out here to live with my lovely girlfriend I was in the Marines for 4 yearsnot exactly die best time to be in but what can you do?

I guess I really got into Punk when I was about Some say that's late in the gamebutoh wellwhat can you do?! One thing I will always remember is when I was being a little shit to my parents all the timegoing out partying and mom saying to me "It's just a phaseyou'll grow out of it! Pretty much after the militaryI didn't work for a while. What do you do for a living?

Are you involved in any other projects apart from the label? I go to scholl full time and have a job I work once a weekdelivery driver. Other than thatthe label is pretty much full time! Every minute I get I am either emailing someone or researching something. I am starting to paly Bbw Milwaukee right now again but nothing to brag about yet. What's next for the label?

Any releases planned for the near future? Left Alone - "Dead American Radio" will be out in early Juneit is colour vinyllimited to once againwith all new artwork and 2 bonus tracksonly released on 'Durty Mick Records'! Adult female Nude in Worcester ma seem's to have a host of good bandswho are your favourites?

Any you think we should be looking out for? I have only been here for little over a year. I did the California comp, first to get to know some of the bands. Left Alone has been together for quite some timeand are still putting out great music. Dead End Stiffs are also a great band that I wish played more! There are tons of great bands here in California and it's really hard to mention everything and everyone. What do you personally think of the Californian scene?

How about the States as a whole? I think it has the potential to be a great scene if it wasn't so divided. There are some great bands all across the US but just like anywhere else you're always going to have your problems at shows. For a while there was a fear of 'main stream shit' coming into the scene and ruining the underground and a lot of new bands sounding like old.

I Nude stockton women gone to a few shows recently and they were dead! No turn out what so ever! Some of the older bands are coming back to play showsbut for all the wrong reasons. I don't think people L- really 'listen' to music like they used to. There almost needs to be a resurgence. A lot of people want to get Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam there and make a name for themselves and that 7 s not what the so called "scene" is about.

You wanna make a name for yourselfstart a bandstart a labelstart a 'zinepost messages on you're my Space. Fuckjoin a boxing gym. Do you get Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam to a lot of shows?

What's the best bands you've seen recently? Every chance I get! Whether to see a new band or old. Conflict played not long agoand I thought they were great! The Templars came throughStreet Dogs always put on a great showAgnostic Front were here recentlyanother band that just kills it live!! I'm looking forward to seeing Foreign LegionI've heard they are full of energy. What are your hopes for the label Mick? Just quality music! Good to listen toand great to look at 1 1 would love to be able to keep re-releasing classics on vinyl.

Just hoping I don't flop on Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam face and knock out all my teeth! That' s what I want this label to be known for. Thanks to everyone who has helped support the label and support me!

WarningDave HighterSupport you troops and anyone else. Cheers to Mick for the interviewmuch Housewives looking sex tonight Trenton buddy!!

I hope all goes well for you and the label in the future. I wrote and recorded a good handful of songs in my attic on a Tascam 4 track recorder that I borrowed from a friend andregrettablyhave yet to return.

I liked what I heard so I gave the CD to a guitarist friend of mine that I worked with and he learned all the songs overnight. We got a couple of crazies show up to audition - as expected Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam and then Cliff Van Etten walked through the door and completely blew us away.

His raw talent and the ability and willingness to learn is what interested us in him the most. It took a bit of time but I found the guys I was looking for. There really is no story behind the name except my extreme marketing genius. Sorry if that disappoints anyone. If you have one of these last names or you know someone who does you WILL remember the band name if you hear it or see it. The alliteration the use of the letter S at Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam beginning of each word punches it home because it is easy to say and remember.

So ends the lesson in literature and marketing. How and when did you get into PunkOi!

Good stuff. Bouncing Souls and Rancid old Op Ivyof course were just a lot of fun and still are. I guess what I liked about it the most was the infusion of Reggae and Ska fuun the genre. I oii Reggae. Punk and Reggae are the true music of the people.

I never really thought about being in a band until a friend of minea long time ago when I moved to Bostonasked if 1 would play bass for his garage band. I owned an old Peavey T20 Jazz bass that always fell 50 out of tune.

It was gigantic and awkward but I rzces that thing. John had spent years in various cover and lookung bands. He has the most experience out of all of us. Cliff jammed for years with his buddies in New Jersey Skihead I was the bassist and backing vocalist in various projects for other people. Most of our Skinead endeavorsup to nowhave been pretty much just learning experiences with other people - some of which were either too lazy to get shows or were afraid of suceeding.

We are not like that. We are very aggressive in getting our music out to people. Thus far. Each song I write means something to me personally. Generally speaking one of us Will come up with a new basic riff for a songintroduce it to the band and then take that riff home and tweak Skinhfad and write it. My eyes are always open and my ears are always listening. If you get drunk and Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam me an embarrassing story about you that Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam really funny I will write a song about it.

Subjects that 1 stay away from writing about are. Now right there is a song with something to say! They call it The Hub for that reason. That s where so many people go to try to make something of themselves.

Here is my short list of Boston are bands that I think are worth keeping an eye out for. There are so many hardworking bands out there with some really great music. The airplay on local college radio has also helped quite a bit too.

But I would love to sit here and write about how everyone has loved the album and that it changed their lives or something ridiculous like that. Give it a read. He shall remain nameless but the song is about him. All 3 of those songslike pretty much all of our materialare about true events.

The truth is stranger than fiction. We also sell the CD at shows for much cheaper along with Rraces Smith t-shirtsstickers and random other gear. We are in the middle of planning a split CD with alp local Boston band. Do you play many shows Tor Has there been a Skinhead oi looking for fun all races Lam out one so far? We play a lot of shows. Those are 2 bands that we really respect and enjoy listening to.

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22 Best Oi images in | Ska punk, Rude boy, Drawings

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