Unit 1:
September 27, 2016 10-3PM and the following Tuesdays

Harmon’s City Creek, Conference Room
Call Sheral Schowe (801) 414-7895 to register.
For more information:  Inaugural class in Utah

OUR VISION: Specialization In Italian Wine Made Achievable

Although an Old-World country, Italy is younger than the United States. Unification of the Italian peninsula occurred in 1861. In the centuries prior to that, Italy was divided into small kingdoms and city-states that have shaped the history, the people and the culture of each region. For this reason, studying Italy is akin to studying the wine production of 20 different countries–each one with its own grapes, wines, food and traditions.

The Italian Wine Scholar™ curriculum is an Italian wine education program designed to provide committed students of wine with the most advanced and comprehensive specialization study program on Italian wine bar none! It was created by native Italian, Maurizio Brioggi, DWS, FWS with the support of the Italian wine DOC/G consortia.

The Italian Wine Scholar™ education program mirrors the unparalleled level of depth, accuracy, detail and academic rigor offered by the acclaimed French Wine Scholar™ program.

Like the French Wine Scholar program, the Italian Wine Scholar study and certification program also confers a post-nominal to wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exams (Ex: John Smith, IWS). (see note below)

The Italian Wine Scholar study program is composed of two separate units:

  • Unit 1: The Wines of Northern Italy
  • Unit 2: The Wines of Central & Southern Italy

The exam for each unit is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates need a composite score of 75% to receive the credential.
[the scores from both exams are added together and averaged for final assessment.]

Unit 1: The Wines of
Northern Italy
Unit 2: The Wines of
Central and Southern Italy

Please note: Taking the Certification exam is not required.  It is provided for those who have a reason and benefit from the post-nominal certification, for instance those in the food and wine industry in some capacity.  Many of our scholars take the classes for the information alone and the chance to thoroughly understand the special wines of the area.  They may be merely curious, many are serious collectors.

Classroom Format

Italian Wine Scholar Classes are offered by approved Wine Scholar Guild™ instructor, Sheral Schowe.

The live classroom study format includes:

  • Manual
  • Tutored Tastings
  • Access to the complete FWS E-Learning Package*
  • Exam Site

To register, download and complete the registration form and mail it to Sheral Schowe at:

Wasatch Academy of Wine, LLC
attn. Sheral Schowe, FWS
P.O. Box 900727
Sandy, Utah 84090

(801) 414-7895