Hurry, the Program starts March 4th

Click to see full-sized brochure

Click to see full-sized brochure

For the very first time, a Master-Level course on the wines and wine region of Alsace…in a format designed for the busy professional. You get the best of both learning methods: e-learning in a format that accommodates your schedule plus live classroom review and tasting right here at Wasatch Academy of Wine. It’s all outlined below!

The Online Study Program:

The French Wine Society has constructed this course of study in conjunction with lead instructor Thierry Meyer, Alsace resident and expert. It launches March 4th in live webinar format…but all webinars are recorded for on demand play or re-play.

Thierry Meyer will be assisted by the following guest lecturers:

  • Olivier Humbrecht, Master of Wine, owner and manager of Domaine Zind-Humbrecht
  • Etienne Hugel, owner and manager of Hugel & Fils
  • Thierry Fritsch, Education Director for the Alsace Wine Council (CIVA)
  • David Schildknecht, critic at the Wine Advocate for the wines of Alsace, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Languedoc-Roussillon, Champagne, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, America’s Eastern & Midwestern wineries, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Sue Style, Alsace resident, food & wine writer and instructor
  • Andrew Jefford, wine writer, author of “The New France”

This program will dive deep into Alsace exploring its diverse terroirs and meso-climates, producers and wine styles, history and future. The curriculum interprets the facts and provides insights not found in books.

Tuition is $430 for non-FWS members, $387 for FWS member and includes:

  • The Alsace Master-Level Study Manual
  • The Alsace Master-Level Webinar program debuting March 4th
  • The Alsace Master-Level Exam

$50 discount for friends of Wasatch School of Wine with coupon code “RIESLING” (all caps)

For more information & registration:

Review & Tasting Session:

As an FWS Program Provider, Wasatch Academy of Wine will be offering an extensive 4-hour Alsace tutored tasting and review session.

When: (anytime in May)

  • How Much: Tuition for the review session is $200
  • Call Sheral Schowe at (801) 414-7895(801) 414-7895 to register for the review session

Why Study Alsace?

  • Big changes have occurred in Alsace! The number of AOCs increased from 3 to 53; there are communal and lieu dit sub-categories. Here’s your chance to get up to speed on a region that is rapidly evolving and finally recognizing its ancient terroirs!
  • There is an unbelievable and often ignored complexity behind the wines of Alsace. This program will unveil the fascinating diversity of its terroirs and put geology, topography and climate into a meaningful and applicable framework; it will provide the key to translating the flavors in the glass.
  • Don’t know the difference between granite, schist, sandstone, and marl? Here’s your chance to become a rock star!
  • Be one of the few with insider understanding of the region and its wines; become among the first to earn the Alsace Master-Level Certificate! Sign up today!