veuve-cliquotI am a lover of wine but certainly no scholar. I’ve swirled, sniffed and drank in many a state’s wine country and at least a dozen foreign countries besides. Last week I stood in a vineyard in Sonoma with beautiful ancient vines — but I couldn’t have told you a Grenache grape from a Viognier vine.

In 2015, I hope to change all that. I’ve been invited to attend the Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar program and write about my experiences—with the wines, with the class and with the knowledge that I too can become more educated about French wines. You can follow along at The Utah Review.

La-Caille-2The weekly classes are held at the gorgeous La Caille and presented by Utah’s French wine scholars (FWS) Sheral Schowe, FWS and Rhea Cook, FWS. Each week in the 10-week course will feature a different region of France and include wine tastings and education. I’ll share my favorite juicy bits of each class with you—from terroir to tasting notes.