Wasatch Academy of Wine is a wine education company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sheral Showe

Sheral Showe

Sheral Schowe is the owner and primary educator of the company.  Wasatch Academy of Wine has been owned and operated by Sheral since 1991. Sheral was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area where she grew to enjoy wine.  She has a Master’s of Education and received her education in wine from UC Davis, Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of Bordeaux, Burgundy’s Bouilland Symposium, and extensive travel to wine producing regions of the world. Sheral has had a magnitude of her training and mentoring from some of the most renowned wine educators, judges, and masters in the world. Sheral receives the most up to date information on wine from being a member of Society of Wine Educators, and through personal research. You can find Sheral’s wine articles on: www.wineloverspage.com and in Primetimes Magazine, a local Utah publication.

Sheral operated the company solely from 1991-1994.  In 1995, only with a few classes and the love of wine as her experience, Brooke Holyoak joined the company. She likes to refer to herself as “the behind the scenes person.” She can be seen researching, organizing, and developing the company, pouring wine, and continuing her education through classes, Society of Wine Educators, and travel.  Brooke also has her Master’s of Education and enjoys the PR aspect of Wasatch Academy of Wine.

You can reach us by email at: utahwineschool@msn.com.

Wasatch Academy of Wine offers a variety of wine education events that can be suited to fit your level of wine appreciation.

Wasatch Academy of Wine teaches the how, what, where, and when of grapes and the process of going from fruit to the wonderful wines which you enjoy.

We offer beginning wine appreciation courses, mid-level and advanced courses, and one night classes that focus on a particular varietal or region.

Wasatch Academy of Wine also offers wine and food pairing consultation, food and wine dinners, restaurant and wait-staff training,  and wine list consultation.

In addition to things we have on local terrain, we also offer tours to different wine producing regions of California and Europe.